On November 1-6, the sevenths Annual Conference of the Russian LGBT Network took place it Peterhof. It was the third report-back election Conference in the history of the organization. More than 70 activists all over the country took part in the event. 


Elena Klimova, the founder of Children-404 project, can go to the court again. This time, because of the complaint lodged by Anna Levchenko to the Prosecutor general of the Russian Federation. The Russian LGBT Network provided a lawyer for Klimova.


On October 23, the court finally decided on the case of Evgeny Pirozhkov, who was the only person arrested at the Fifth St. Petersburg Pride. The proceedings were stopped because of the absence of crime.



KISS OFF! is a global initiative created by multimedia artist Danielle 'DMo' Oke of the creative hub DMoArtWorlds. During the week of June 28 to July 4, 2014 people around the world are encouraged to share a photo or vine video of a same-sex kiss in the name of love, equality and human rights. It is a creative way to challenge societal homophobia and bring awareness to the persecutions people face because of their sexual orientation and identity. Let's use art to educate and unite!


The first Russian Open LGBT Games were held in Moscow from the 26th of February to the 2nd of March. In this event, organized by the federation of LGBT-Sports with the support of the coalition of the Russian LGBT Organizations, 330 athletes from eleven countries participated. From the very first day, organizers and participants were faced with attempts to disrupt the Games. Pressure was administered with the involvement of police forces, the Federal Migration Service and Moscow authorities.


Russian authorities' decision on possible military intervention in Ukraine is still not supported by any convincing evidence of the existence of serious threats to the Russian Federation or to the civilian population of Ukraine, which would require serious measures such as bringing of troops to the territory of a sovereign state. This decision caused a threat of an aggressive war.